French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup

Outback Steakhouse has a wide variety of menu items that suit different tastes, and one of the standout options is its French Onion Soup. This soup is not only flavorful but also hearty, with 570 calories per serving.

It contains 36 grams of fat, of which 18 grams are saturated fat, and 0 grams trans fat. The soup provides a balanced mix of nutrients with 19 grams of protein and 42 grams of carbohydrates. However, it contains a significant amount of sodium, specifically 4120 mg.

Source of Calories

French Onion Soup calories


Calories 570
Total Fat 320
Fat (g)36
Saturated Fat (g)18
Trans Fat (g)0
Cholesterol (mg)55
Sodium (mg)4120
Carbohydrate (g)42
Total Fiber (g)4
Sugar (g)18
Protein (g)19