Chloe Rose

Chloe Rose

Outback Steakhouse has a standout item on its menu called Chloe Rose, which costs $15.00. It has just 140 calories per serving, making it a light and guilt-free way to enjoy a flavorful meal.

The Chloe Rose is a remarkable option due to its nutritional value. It is a low-fat, low-cholesterol, and low-protein drink, with only 5 milligrams of sodium and 5 grams of carbohydrates. It has 1 gram of sugar, making it ideal for people who are keeping an eye on their fat and sugar intake.

Source of Calories

Chloe Rose Calories


Calories 140
Fat Calories 0
Fat (g)0
Saturated Fat (g)0
Trans Fat (g)0
Cholesterol (mg)0
Sodium (mg)5
Carbohydrate (g)5
Total Fiber (g)0
Sugar (g)1
Protein (g)0